“TRIBE Agents experience all the benefits of a true team culture and they keep more of their earned commission.”Chase Burris, Broker/Principal
“I believe Agents need a community to be part of, because we are designed to live and thrive together. Collectively we are stronger and better for the customers we serve.”Chase

What’s in it for me?

Compare TRIBE's points of difference with typical national and discount brokerage models. See how we specialize in benefiting you and your Buyers and Sellers.

National Broker Model

    Features: “Convenience and security”
  • Caters to newer agents
  • Overwhelming technology
  • Broad appeal culture
  • High splits and fees: 30-50%
  • Big Brand/Big Price

Discount Broker Model Most Popular!

    Features: “Low fees”
  • Attracts part-time/low producers
  • Little to no technology support
  • No cohesive culture
  • Low Fees
  • Low service, lower production!

Sounds pretty good! So what's the next step?
Talk to Chase Burris, Broker/Owner of TRIBE now at 512-866-6900.

Okay, you're the type who wants more...100% Commission? How is that possible?